Monday, November 30, 2015

Magical Holiday Look

plus size Christmas Party outfit
I'm getting asked about Holiday look ideas and I've got a few things up my sleeve. I wanted to start off with what I like to call a magical look.  When you are coming up with holiday looks, they are be really different depending on the group of people and theme.  This is a look that I would go see the Nutcracker in or to a swanky Christmas party.  Personally, I wouldn't wear this for a before 5pm work Christmas party, but if it was an after hours swanky work Christmas party, I totally would.  How dressed up or not dressed up you get, I think is all dependent upon the type of party, time of day, and again, the people.  

Style Notes: This skirt is from Fanfaronada Etsy Shop.  A lot of you may remember the pink maxi length tutu I wore many moons ago.  This skirt is from the same shop. I love her tutus in particular, because of how they are made.  They are layered perfectly.  If ordering, you will need to order it custom. Her regular sizes stop and an XL.  There is a custom bottom on the right side of the page that will easily allow you to do this.  This is my second skirt, it fits great and is gorgeous as usual.  You pretty much need to know your waist measurement or natural waist measurement and for most of us that is the smallest part of your waist.  For me, it's the halfway point between under my bust and my belly button.  

plus size Christmas Party outfit

plus size Christmas Party outfit

plus size Christmas Party outfit

plus size Christmas Party outfit

plus size Christmas Party outfit
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Black Friday RoundUp

Plus Size Deals

ASOS: 30% off of everything, Use code:  BLESSED
Ashley Stewart: 40% off site wide (no code needed) |

Eloquii: 50% off with code: BASH |

Lane Bryant: 40  - 50% off site wide (no code needed) |
Fashion to Figure: 40% off + 25% off of Squeem Shapewear - Code: 40FOR40 |
Dressbarn: Take 20% OFF your entire regular priced purchase,  use code: GIFTING |
Modcloth: Select items up to 40% off |
Neimans Last Call: 40%-80% off site wide (yes they have plus LOL), no code needed:

Saks Off Fifth - Up to 70% off |

Charlotte Russe: All items $20 or less, 50% off of sweater & jeans |

SimplyBe - A variety of sales including select dresses under $40, shoes under $50, and much more (no code needed)
Forever21: Up to 70% off of select items |
Ideel: Up to 80% on select items. |

JCPenny - Various door buster deals + an additional 20% or 33% of on a purchase of $100 or more with code: GR8DEAL |

Luxe Deals
Net-A-PorterUp to 50% off select items (no code needed)

Beauty Deals

Birchbox: Spend $35 on gift subscriptions and/or full-size products and get 25% off with code BIGDEAL or 30% off for Ace members with code ACESONLY. Friday 11/27 only.
Bliss: 30% off all products with code Dazzle30. | Receive a free deluxe scrubbing and hydrating gift set valued at $176 with purchases over $150 and get a free holiday beauty gift bag with any purchase of $75 or more with code brilliant15. All from Friday 11/27 to Monday 11/30.
Dermstore: 20% off site-wide. Use code: THANKS20 |
Need help finding something. I'll be helping people find things during Black Friday.  You can tweet me here, Instagram me here, and I'll be posting this on Facebook me here.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tips on Flying Comfortably While Plus Sized

So, I wrote a post in the past on flying while plus size (you can find it here) a while back.  I figured it would be a good time to do an update, because some information has changed. I used to be against flying Delta...I mean flat out would pay more money than to fly with them.  The seats were incredibly small, uncomfortable, and my knees where always in someone's back. Now, with the new planes they are my best option.  I always get an aisle seat, the handle on the outside goes up, so once the flight is in the air I can give myself a  more room.  These days I'm flying 90% of my flights on Delta.  My second and third choices are Virgin and American Airlines.  Now American's old planes didn't give you much room, but the new planes are a little more roomy.  The only thing about American is their new plane upgrades are taking forever.  With Delta, I'm almost guaranteed to be on one of the new planes, but on American the chance that the plane is new is about a 50/50 chance.

I will also say it seems that the climate against plus size passengers has changed a bit. I find that flight attendants are a lot nicer when I'm asking for a extension belt and to change seats. I even had one flight attendant come up to me without me asking and offer me a seat exchange where no one was in the middle seat.  I was shocked. LOL. It was on a Delta flight.  

Now if you are flying a connecting flight and you are on what I like to call the air bus then I usually upgrade to the business class seat.  These are usually the flights that are short and less than an hour.  Mine is usually from San Jose to L.A.  Those seats are incredibly small and I'm sure to be sitting in someone's lap.  I purchase that ticket outright because the distance is so short, it's usually only $150 - $200 more.  Yes, the flight is only an hour, but the relief of not have that seat handle imprinted on my thigh is worth it to me.  

People always ask me, "Have you ever had to buy two plane seats or if you've ever been denied a flight?" My answer is no.  In the last 2 years especially, I've probably been on 40 flights, no joke, and on a myriad of different airlines.  I've been fine.  I can say truthfully that in the past I've had anxiety with flying, because I am a person who believes in personal space.  I don't want you violate my personal space and I don't want to violate yours, but with me flying Delta frequently, getting my aisle seat, I've been at ease.  

As always, I do like a good deal, so I figured I'd send you to my I  need a cheap flight place.  This site searches all the other sites for the lowest rates, find it here.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

#ScreamQueens: Fat Chanel #7

scream queens style
It's been so long since there has been a show with good fashion on.  The last fallen show was Gossip Girl, but now we have Scream Queens. I'm obsessed with the over the top furs, preppy pastels, and overall girly feel of the girls.  My favorite, of course, is Chanel's style.  Now it's in my heart to become Chanel #7.  I have it all played out in my head.  As Fat Chanel #7,  my first duty is to get everyone to eat real food. I know it's a little cliche' that the fat girl would get everyone to eat, but Fat Chanel #7 doesn't do cotton balls.  In addition,  as Fat Chanel #7 would rival Chanel in her fashion choice and royally pissing her off because a fat girl isn't supposed to be able to compete with her fashion-wise.  Yes, I have thought about this and yes, it sounds a ridiculous, but the show is ridiculous, so it fits. LOL.  I'm proposing my new hashtag for my role, #garnerstyleforfatchanel7. Use it, love it, and embrace it. So serious. HA! 
scream queens style

scream queens style

Top: Steinmart, Skirt: Eloquii, Shoes - Shoes of Prey, Coat: ASOS, Nails - Etsy

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Feelin' Fancy In My Fluff

How I love a good and inexpensive find.  In plus size, that doesn't happen too often, but when it does it is flipping sweet! This skirt, from Charlotte Russe, although not photographed good on the website is ah-mazing in person. It's full, feminine, and fancy.  So here's the lowdown on fit.  I think this skirt is pretty true to size. Now, the 3X is a bit longer than the 2X.  If you are looking for a longer length then size up, but you will need to take in the waist if you aren't a 3X waist.  I'm a 2x waist and had to take in the skirt, but the length is perfect.

Other Style Notes: I've had this top in my closet from ASOS for a year and never wore it, so I'm sorry it's not available.  I've had these shoes from ASOS for a about 4 months as well and although these aren't available, I put in a few other options.  I wear a size 12 in ASOS shoes.  For me, I have to size up from my normal 11 to accommodate the width of my feet.  My lippy is Flat Out Fabulous from MAC.  

Get The Look:

Get Fluffy Shoes:

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