Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Style

Plus Size african print, bow blouse, plus size blog
This year I had a little Easter soiree at Casa de B & Chastity.  I made some of my favorite dishes that included crockpot Barbecue shrimp and a Strawberry Pie.  I've linked both the recipes. If you want something that is delicious and will impress your family or guests these are my two highly recommended nom noms! Please note that you don't want to skimp on making the glaze for your pie by purchasing the pre-made glaze.  It's well worth it to make it yourself and it's really not hard. You can even make it a little healthier if you want.  I plan to sub in truvia for the sugar next time.  Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely Easter.  

Style Notes:  The top is from InStyle Essentials and is one of those tops that are supposed to be tailored for bustier women.  In my opinion, they work for the women who have to buy a larger top just to fit the bust area, but they have a smaller waist (42 inches and below) underneath.   I'm not one of those women so my top was a sized for a 40F so that it would fit my waist.  The top fit fine after the sizing up and I thought it was adorable.  The skirt is from Demestiks and upon writing this I see the shop is on vacation.  Sorry about that.  I did the skirt customized to my measurement and with my length preference.  Keep in mind that there is no stretch in this skirt.  Also, you will want to size up on the shoes.  I had a couple of readers say that the shoes run small.  I sized up to a 12 and they fit perfectly.  

strawberry pie, barbecue shrimp

Plus Size african print, bow blouse, plus size blog

Plus Size african print, bow blouse, plus size blog
Top:  c/o InStyle Essentials, Skirt: Demestiks, Shoes - ASOS

Monday, April 21, 2014

Plus Size Prom & Formal Dress Giveaway #PlusProm14

My heart always goes out to my teen readers (or my mom's of plus size teens) that have a hard time finding their dream prom dress. I remember that time in my life and having that dreaded thought of if there was going to be a formal dress for me to wear to prom. Every year just about this time, I start getting the emails about prom and where plus size teens can find dresses. so I was thrilled to be apart of this plus size formal wear project with bloggers Cece, Allison, and Alissa.  The video above is full of awesome ideas and beautiful looks courtesy of Modcloth and SimplyBe

Simplybe & Modcloth agreed to donate some dresses to Project G.L.A.M.  This awesome project has outfitted more than 8000 girls in dresses, free of charge, for prom.  Wait, there's little bit more. They are also going to allow us to give away 5  gift cards (four $100 Modcloth giftcards & one $200 SimplyBe giftcard), so that 5 lucky winners can go shopping for their upcoming formal events.  There are many ways to enter.  Enter via the Rafflecopter below.   

Plus size prom dresses, plus size prom, plus size formalwear
Dresses:  Chastity's Dress
Plus size prom dresses, plus size prom, plus size formalwear

Plus size prom dresses, plus size prom, plus size formalwear
Cece's DressAlissa's Dress
Alissa's Skirt, Chastity's Skirt 

Plus size prom dresses, plus size prom, plus size formalwear

Monday, April 14, 2014


Plus size fashion, plus size tweed jacket, Lane Bryant
Some of you saw me post this look via my instagram.  I was trying it on in the dressing room and actually ended up purchasing it. This is my first head to toe LB ensemble that I've worn or purchased in years.  They are doing some cool things over there, so kudos to them. I can tell you that I miss the feeling of being able to actually go in and try on clothes before I buy.  Also, I have a couple things going on this week.  I'll will announce an Instagram MAC make-up giveaway sometime in the AM.  You will be able to see the details here.  Also, I'll be doing a live interview via the Lori & Cher show on Tuesday via Youtube.  You can see the details here. If you have questions, you will be able to ask them during the segment.  Hope to see you there. 

Style Notes:  I totally rigged the length on this skirt. I really liked it, but it was just too short.  I actually bought two of them, one is a 22/24 and one in an 18/20.  I put the bigger size underneath so that I could add some length.  I bought the items at 50% off, so the skirts were only $25 a piece.  I thought about taking them both to the seamstress, but I liked this option better.  Also, you should probably size up in the jacket.  It runs a bit snug.  Mine is in an 18/20. 
Plus size fashion, plus size tweed jacket, Lane Bryant

Plus size fashion, plus size tweed jacket, Lane Bryant
Jacket - Lane Bryant, Top - Lane Bryant, Skirt - Lane Bryant - Bryant, Pin - c/o of Carolee
Photography Credit:  Lydia Hudgens

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Staples

Spring Closet Staples, Plus size Fashion, Plus Size Spring Coat

 1. Spring Coat | 2. Sundress | 3. Chambray Shirt | 4. Bag | 5. Loafers | 6. Gingham Top | 7. Sunglasses | 8. Boyfriend Jeans | 9. Sandals | 10. Clutch | 11. Skirt
Note:  The spring coat is from Asos and I got a peek through their lookbook.  It's not available yet, but I'll be checking daily. 

Spring is officially here and if you haven't already, it's time to to start bringing in those season friendly items that will help you bring some of your winter pieces into the next season.  I composed this list based on what I'm usually add every year into my spring wardrobe.  I'm always looking for the perfect spring coat.  Living in the Bay, actually makes these very useful for pretty much the whole summer.  Nights here get chilly.  I also added in some fun pieces to brighten up your wardrobe.  My personal favorites are the Gingham Peplum Top and the white loafers.  From this list, I see at least 10 looks, easy.  When I incorporate my new pieces, I also like to make sure they work well with each other as well as with the things that I already have in my closet. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flying the Friendly Skies

I had to make a quick trip to NYC and I got to snap a few photos, but I really want to touch on the subject of flying while plus size and offer some of my tips for making it as bearable as possible.  Since I moved to California, flying has become a real pain.  I am generally have to fly all the way to the east coast, which is generally around a 5 hour flight, not counting possible layovers and at this point I'm on a plane at least 8 times a year.  I have to be honest, 99.9% of the time I am perfectly fine with my own fatness, but when it comes to flying  that's when I wish I had collapsible hips. 

Here's some of my own tips of making flying a little comfortable:
  1. Sometimes I have to ask for an extension belt and sometimes I don't.  It depends on the plane.  Some people are uncomfortable or embarrassed asking for an extension belt.  These can actually be purchased online here in the case that you don't like to ask.
  2. Now this tip will change your life.  You know the arm rest on the aisle and by the window. The one that won't allow you to lift it up. Well there's actually a button underneath the arm towards the back of the chair that if you press it that arm will life up.  This is awesome for giving you extra room, especially by the window, where I would often think...if I could only lift this bar...I would be so comfortable. Keep in mind that aisle arm rest have to be lowered during take off and landing. 
  3. I generally try to avoid flying Delta, in my experience,  they have the smallest seat and leg space. Personally, I've found United and American to have the most comfortable coach seats.  You can also check out this seat width comparison chart on TripAdvisor.
  4. Upgrade if you can.  We all know that airline tickets are pricey, but I've kind of just accepted that when I can upgrade my seat to economy plus or first class, I do. Depending on the distance, the prices will vary.  I've upgraded to economy plus for as little as $35 and my recent trip to NYC it was $99 to upgrade.   First class upgrades are steeper, but if I'm going for work and I need to be fresh when I arrive at my destination I generally will just take the hit.  This isn't an option for everyone, but I tell you life is much better at the front of the plane.     
  5. Take care of your ankles. Ever since I had my knee surgery, swelling in my ankles has been a big issue.  To minimize swelling, I really watch my salt intake a week prior to my trip.  I drink nothing but water and during the flight I get up ever couple of hours to move around and stretch. This is also huge in preventing blood clots that form in your legs from prolonged sitting while flying.  You can also wear compression socks to help as well. I also try to put my handbag in the compartment space above me, so I can give my feet room to move and not be so cramped. 
Style Note:  I just want to give a quick tidbit on this dress, fit, etc. This dress is gorgeous and very complimentary to a variety of body types.  It has a layer of tulle underneath the skirt portion to give it some flair. The dress has a bit of stretch and the arm space is decent. 

Dress - c/o City Chic, Bracelet - Lane Bryant, Shoes - Lane Bryant
Photo Credit: Lydia Hudgens
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