Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beth Ditto for Evans

Beth Ditto, Evans, Plus size dresses
I just recently heard of the funky singer in London who happens to be plus size who also happens to have put out a plus size clothing line for Evans

(// must say some of the pieces are really cute, others aren't. But its like buying a CD the probability of liking every song on the CD is slim ~ It great when it happens, but as long as their are a few songs that you really really like everything is good. (Ok, so I love analogies) Anyway, the line just launched today, but as you know ladies I am a wardrobe stylist and it is my sworn duty to order and try out new clothes (Its the fun part of the job). Evans is based out of the UK but they do deliver to the U.S. Here are my pieces that I am going to try out some for my personal use and some for styling purposes. Stay tuned for my quality report on Beth Ditto's line.

Beth Ditto, Evans, Plus size dresses

Beth Ditto, Evans, Plus size dresses

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