Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes & the plus size starlets

The young plus size stars could take a note from Monique on their red carpet looks.  Monique walked on the red carpet flawlessly (except for disapproval of showing hairy legs).  She had perfect hair, the perfect dress, perfect makeup, and the perfect accessories.  Both Gabourey and Amber left much to be desired on the red carpet with "ho hum/blah" dresses that made them look much older than they are and neither of them picked the best dress for their body types.

I personally hated this particular green on Gabourey.  It just did not contrast well with her skin color.  Also, the fact that she has a short neck the overabundance of hair and the necklace seemed to make her appear as if she doesnt have a neck.   It was also pointed out to me that you could visibly see underarm sweat stains on this dress....EEK!

This dress is much much too old for Amber.  The waist is not as defined as it should be making her shoulders look wide.  Again, the over abundance of hair makes her look like she doesnt have a neck. 

These dress choices made me wonder,  "was there a shortage of gowns."  When you know you have an annual event, prepare in advance so you dont get stuck with such bland gowns.  It looks as if Monique used a wardrobe stylist,  apparently she didnt advise her young up and coming fellow actresses of her wardrobe tips.  Shame Shame Monique...LOL

Disclaimer - You guys already know I give my honest opinion, so don't get on me for keeping it real...LOL.


  1. Yes, Monique looked amazing! Her dress, the chic pulled back bun, glowing face, classic and timeless. I really had high hopes for Amber and Gabby as far as what they would wear. How disappointing. I always prefer hair to be pulled back when wearing long ball gowns. Show off your beautiful face and let the gown speak for itself.

  2. Oh my...yes, the sweat stains.
    I totally agree with you! I know that designers clammor for actresses to dress. I hope someone has stepped up to create something more flattering for the Oscars. Especially Gabby....her dress is too old, a mother of the bride dress, and just not flattering!

  3. Gabby needs to lose weight. She looks sick with it. And Mo needs to SHAVE those muskcrat looking legs!

  4. @Love + Marriage I was just thinking b/c of the "blah" dresses at the Globes that the actresses were waiting to bring out the big guns at the Oscars.

    @Zara - there it is...you are even more direct than me!

    We have to step up our game fashion wise, because as bad as these looks were nobody really addressed this on the Fashion Police(unless it was positive)...almost like plus size fashion didnt even count - good or bad

  5. As I was watching Fashion Police 2 nights ago, they of course, politely kept away from digging into the weight issue with Gabby. They went on to say how the dress looked nice on her....when I saw that dress at the GG red carpet, I thought..."and this was the best choice a stylist could do w/Gabby?" There are just sooooo many other flattering things you could've put on that girl... The "big gurl" representation was IMO, HORRIBLE.

  6. I think the Fashion Police were afraid to comment, thinking they would be labled antifat (which Im sure they are but anyway). Gabby looked horrible, like her mother dressed her. And what IS the deal with Monique's legs? There's got to be more to it than her just not wanting to shave them. Like maybe she has a leg condition or something... I don't know. But hopefully Michael knight (or SOMEONE) from project runway will see that Gabby needs help and step up... I think that would be the best thing, a new designer and a new star...

  7. I agree, although I do like the top part of Amber's dress, I just wish it was shorter, much shorter!

  8. They should have done way better . The green was hideous and then there was another show that they gave her an equally hideous blue. I think she has a cute face and they could have made her age and size appropriate. Monique was gorgeous.

  9. I know I'm late commenting on this, but Zara, your comment sucked. Isn't the whole point of plus size fashion to focus on how to look good the size you are??? I agree that the dress wasn't flattering, but how about suggesting a different dress? No, she should change her whole body instead.

    @garner style I'm kind of disappointed that you let that comment stand without disagreeing with it.

  10. @Mona I give my honest opinions so I do not try to regulate any comments unless they contain obcenity. This is isnt the blog where I censor people's honest opinions. Fashion is unforgiving so why should I be just because I'm plus size.

    In reference to Gaby - as a stylist I found myself trying to figure out how I would dress this starlet to allow her to look flattering and I was stumped. My honest opinion is maybe that Gaby has crossed over the weight threshold of where she can be flattered by clothes. In all the editorials/red carpets/blogs I have seen her in I never think that she looks good...honestly if you are 400 or 500 pounds can you really mask that with a clothes that compliment your body type. I think everything has its limits.

  11. Monique doesn't need to shave she looked stunning besides she is a grown mature woman who is comfortable in the skin she is in, im sure when most of you reach the 60 yrs + shaving your legs would be last of your worries. that is if your body hairs haven't fallen out by then. live and let life! don't judge d woman because she has unshaven legs. ITS HER choice RESPECT IT!!!!!!!!

  12. Obviously this your blog, and you're welcome to voice your opinion. I responded to Zara's comment, because it felt like a slap in the face to me.

    I'm not Gabby's size, but I used to be. To read a comment like well, maybe she's just too fat, and basically can never look good? I think that's cruel really, and surprising since there's plenty of people out there who think the same about anybody above a size 16.

    This isn't really a fat acceptance thing - I'm not some gungho fat acceptance person. This is just about not perpetuating the bullshit that there's some line in the sand at which point you become so fat that it's impossible to be beautiful.

    I happen to think that the work you do as a stylist for plus size women is an great thing. I'm sure you've made people who thought that they were too fat to be beautiful feel amazing about themselves. I think that's a really good thing, and at odds with the attitude that some people can never be beautiful until they lose weight.

  13. @Mona - just want you to know I was directly addressing it was a few comments I had gotten lately and I just wanted people to know where I stand.

    I respect your opinion as I hope you do mine.


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