Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leopard & Tornadoes

Thanks to everyone who gave me an "Are you okay?" shout today.   Brian and I are fine.  The tornado hit about 20 minutes away from us.  Funny thing is that even though all the signs were there, I didn't know there was a tornado going on.  I had all the signs:  1. Continuous sirens 2. Daytime Darkness and 3. My dog acting like a crazy person, but with all that I didn't put two and two together until I heard someone talking about it.  I have my slow moments and I'm still not used to Texas Twister weather.  As you can see the tornado did not keep me from getting dressed LOL. 

Plus Size blog, Dorothy Perkins, JIBRI
Anyways, I brought out one of my old favorites and paired it with a new favorite.  I am in love with peplum tops! They are so easy to wear, always figure flattering, and effortlessly chic.  
Plus Size blog, Dorothy Perkins, JIBRI
Outfit Logistics:  Top - Dorothy Perkins $39, Skirt - JIBRI $70 (super old), Flats - Nordstrom Rack , Belt - Michael Kors via Off Fifth, Pin - Vintage $20
Plus Size blog, Dorothy Perkins, JIBRI
Side note:  I'm getting a lot of sizing questions, so I wanted to clarify my sizing at Dorothy Perkins.  I bought the top in a size 20.   I actually should have sized down one, but I was thinking it was going to run small.  I think the size 20 could fit up to a 22.  Also, can I just say that Nordstrom Rack has the most awesome size 11 shoe selection! I love it! They even have some great selections in 12s & 13s.  I go to the one at Park Lane here in Dallas.  I'm not sure if the other locations are as great, but the one at Park Lane is the best. 
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