Wednesday, August 22, 2012

King Spa Dallas: The Naked Truth

I love pampering.  Manis, pedis, facials, messages, etc...I'll take them all.  King Spa, a Korean spa & sauna with hydrotherapy, saunas, acupuncture, and a multitude of other amenities, peaked my interest after seeing a commercial.  I quickly looked it up online and...dum dum dum...I found out that the a couple saunas and pools were completely and utterly done in the nude.    Now anyone who knows me, knows that I don't do naked.  I am often disturbed by women's locker rooms in gyms.  There is always a lady who has full conversations, reads magazines, or just wants to air dry all in the nude.   Apparently, August has been the month of adventures for me.  I was talked into to going to King Spa in Dallas by a friend who came to visit.  Now she is more than comfortable with her nudity.  On trips, I often ask her to put on some clothes.  She is truly the equivalent to Samantha in Sex and the City.  Anyways, I always wanted to go, but the naked thing made me push it to side for further consideration.   Clothes, to me, are the great equalizer.  In them, I can be anyone I want to be.  Without them, I have no impression to leave other than I'm fat and I need some sun.  While being fat doesn't bother me, showing my rather bare large butt does.

King Spa Dallas

I prepare by making sure I took care of any body hair issues and showering.  The showering beforehand isn't needed.  Once you get there you will be showing again.  So we get there and sign up for the body scrub (Of course, all this is done in the nude.)  Our entrance fee was $20, which allows you enjoy all the pools and saunas that you want.  I set a 2pm appointment, so I had time to luxuriate in the saunas and pools beforehand.  We go into the locker rooms, which are divided by sex, and they have these uniforms. No you already know this crap isn't going to fit. I fit the t-shirt fine, but the shorts (that only go up to an XL) nearly cut off my circulation.  If any of you decide to go to something like this, my best suggestion is to bring an all white t-shirt and short set.  For me, I will just invest in a pair of white shorts to go with the white shirt they provide.  Then, I mosey on into the naked rooms.  The towels they provide are about the size of a hand towel, so don't think you are going to be able to hide behind the towels.  I get into one of the saunas and can relax because in my head I'm covered by water...LOL.  Ironically, there is actually something very freeing about letting the clothes go.  I might even say that I was comfortable. 

King Spa Dallas

So next comes the body scrub.  This body scrub was 90 minutes ($120) of naked heaven.  Included in this was a body scrub, a massage, a mini facial, and shampooing.  This 87 pound woman nearly scrubbed my color off.  I would equate the experience to your mother bathing you as a child when you really had gotten dirty.  They get into every crack and crevice of your body.  They lift boobs and spread legs.  No part of your body is off limits. This is all done in the pool and sauna area.  There is no privacy, it's done all out in the open.  Now my lady was so comfortable with her job, she did take a moment to brace herself on my booty, like full open palm.  What the hell could I say, she was giving me the scrub down in her underwear.  We were past boundaries and personal space.  I know this may sound a little nightmarish, but it was actually extremely relaxing.  (Side note:  if you can do this, you can get a Brazilian wax.) The best part is after they scrub they hose you down to remove the dead skin.  I will definitely get this service again.  I also want to let yall know that I've never been so soft and supple in my life.  Lunch came next.  The food was Asian oriented and was delicious and much needed.    Other things to note, are that the facility was very clean and required that you shower between services, after saunas, etc.  I think I took like 4 showers while I was there.  If you don't want to get your hair wet, you may want to bring your own head wrap, but honestly I think it would be best to go between hair appointments.  

King Spa Dallas
I wanted to share this experience with you, since I know that it takes a lot for a person to shed their clothes and enjoy such an experience. The best thing I can say is that others are going to see you naked and you are going to see other people naked.  In a place like this, it's unavoidable.  If you go, you can dwell on the naked part or just enjoy yourself.  I will say that it probably would be best to go with a girlfriend (one is more fearless than you are).  My husbands shutters at the thought of being in a room with naked men. Oh yes and there are children in these rooms.  For women, it's not such a big deal, but I am sure that for men it's a little different.  

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